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by 作 zukuri

作 zukuri maintenance tool

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The maintenance tool made by 作 zukuri consists of a wooden board on which denim fabric is stretched. It was manufactured according to ROCKSTEAD's specifications. The metal polish "Unipol Metal-Polish" from OSBORN was applied and can be used immediately upon receipt.

Application of the tool:

ROCKSTEAD recommends this very simple and effective method for maintaining your ROCKSTEAD knife:

Use the 作 zukuri maintenance tool, on which a thin layer of UNIPOL has already been applied, to strip your ROCKSTEAD knife. If used correctly and regularly, it is possible to maintain the sharpness of your knife for two to three years (according to ROCKSTEAD).

An employee who is responsible for sharpening the knives at ROCKSTEAD confirmed that there is no difference to the polish used by ROCKSTEAD (PiKAL) and that the desired care is possible.

We recommend stropping the knife two to three times on the care tool after each use. Please note the correct stroking direction - with the back of the blade first! Pull the knife carefully over the tool, as it is easy to cut through the denim, especially if you move the blade in the wrong direction (blade first = wrong). After the first pull, turn the blade over and work in the opposite direction. When you turn the blade over, make sure that you remove it completely from the board to avoid blunting the blade.
Only strip the blade 2 to 3 times per side, as this is sufficient to restore the sharpness of the knife.

The instructions for making such a tool and explanations on how to use it can be found on the website of the manufacturer ROCKSTEAD:

Shinya Ishida from ROCKSTEAD shows in the video how to use the 作 zukuri care tool (to illustrate the correct movement, the blade is pulled over the tool several times - the pressure is moderate).