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by ROCKSTEAD (discontinued)

長 CHOU-Etching (Wave) (discontinued model)

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The CHOU is the neck knife from ROCKSTEAD. Its design is based on the Japanese sword lance, the Naginata. Although the effective length of its cutting edge is only approx. 50mm, it can be used for a wide range of cutting tasks due to its above-average sharpness and edge retention. It is a small, practical lightweight that can be carried inconspicuously and yet is always ready to hand. A loyal companion of a very special kind. The CHOU Wave is adorned with the engraving of a stylised wave.


Total length: 120mm
Blade length: 45mm
Weight: 57g
Blade geometry: SHINOGIZUKURI
Blade steel: YXR-7, hardness: approx. HRc 65
Blade coating: DLC
Engraving: stylised wave
Knife sheath: Kydex

Scope of delivery: Kydex knife sheath, cloth pouch, specification sheet, warranty declaration.