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KMFS Vantaedge integral sharpening system

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The KMFS Vantaedge integral sharpening system is the latest evolution of all sharpening systems.

Patented sharpening system solution - completely designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by KMFS.

Download Vantaedge instructions as PDF!

Product video Vantaedge!

This sharpening system is the first in the world, which is able to completely eliminate the effect of the raised facet at the tip of the knife and enables absolutely precise repeated sharpening of the knife without any demands to repeat the knife clamping position.

The biggest change compared to all sharpening systems is the implementation of reverse kinematics, where the system, based on the exact angle on the blade, adjusts the other components of the set so that the angle on the blade is always the same regardless of the depth of the knife clamping.

The sharpening system in the set includes a head with grinding angles of 15°, 17.5°, 20°, 22.5°, which are precisely followed along the entire blade and with each grinding. The set’s additional accessories enable sharpening of other angles as well.

Thanks to the Integral clamp (chassis) completely milled from a solid block of aluminium Ergal 7075 T651 material, a perfectly precise clamping orientation of the knife is achieved, maximum strength and easy clamping. This is made possible by a double clamp chasis equipped with spherical bronze bushings of clamping screws, which eliminate unwanted clamping forces and enable perfect adaptation to the knife blade profile. It is not necessary to clamp the blade in both clamps when clamping the knife, even just one clamp provides secure clamping for sharpening.

Maximum blade thickness is between 7,5 – 8 mm, maximum blade lenght to be sharpened in one clamping is 20 – 25 cm (knife could be clamp more times in one sharpening wihout any issue).

The KMFS Vantaedge integral clamp is symmetrical and by simply turning it upside down, it is possible to sharpen the other side of the knife without having to rotate the knife in the clamp.

The set is completely equipped with ball bearings for absolutely smooth operation without backlash. There are 4 pieces of fully shielded bearings for rotation about two angular axes and 3 pieces of double linear four-row bearings.

The set has a sharpening stone holder which is able to clamp all KMFS Rival stones and also most stones from other manufacturers, when there is no problem with the change of the abrasive, there is no need to adjust the set in any way for a different thickness of the abrasive, the kinematics always reaches the right angle. The clamping segment of the stone held by a stainless steel spring has integrated brass pins to protect the hand against contact with the knife edge during sharpening process. At the same time, the control wings of the segment enable precise guidance of the sharpening stone.

Sharpening is possible either by placing the integral clamp on the stand supplied in the package, or it is possible to sharpening only by holding the integral clamp in the hand (advantageous when there is no table when sharpening, for example outdoors).

Scope of delivery:

  • plastic waterproof case with foam organizer
  • sharpening system KMFS Vantaedge integral
  • Stand for placing the integral clamp
  • 1 piece of grinding diamond 240 grit with DLC coating
  • 1 piece of grinding diamond 600 grit with DLC coating
  • 1 piece of grinding diamond 1000 grit with DLC coating
  • Allen keys for assembling the stand, clamping the knife and tightening the segment of guide rods on the angle head
  • FP-10 Lubricant Elite oil for system maintenance

Materials used:

  • main material used: aluminium ergal ENAW 7075 T651
  • surface finishing hard clear anodizing
  • linear guide rods X90CrMoV18 hardened surface stainless
  • bearings tool steel
  • stone clamping spring stainless steel
  • spherical clamp bushing bronze
  • screws of kinematic and clamp hardened blacked steel
  • stand screw stainless steel

Main advantages of KMFS Vantaedge integral:

  • Complete production by CNC machining centers from a block of material for maximum rigidity and precision.
  • Precise adherence to the angle setting from the selected values.
  • Identical grinding of both sides of the knife in one clamping.
  • Thanks to the reverse kinematics, it is possible to sharpen even with different thicknesses of stones, always along the entire blade to the same set angle without any aditional adjusting.