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This chef's knife is unique - the "Wurmbunt Bunka" is one of a kind and was made with the utmost precision and dedication using the highest quality materials. For the blacksmith, the worm-coloured forging technique is one of the most difficult. This is why it is often referred to as the "knife of kings". The knife is made up of four strips of twisted steel. Each of these paths takes as much time as a single "ordinary" Damascus knife. These strips must now be forged together. This requires a great deal of practice and feeling.

The worm-coloured Damascus steel has a very long European tradition. There is a written record of Theodoric the Great in Ravenna (500 AD), who received a sword as a gift from a friend. When he held it up to the sun, the damascus appeared "as if colourful worms were crawling up the blade". Hence the legendary name Wurmbunt.

The blade is forged from four strips of torsion damascus with 2 x 80 and 2x 120 layers (historically called "Wurmbunt"). The cutting edge layer is forged from mono-steel (1.2842 carbon steel) and is separated from the worm-coloured Damascus by a lighter mono-steel layer.

The handle is made of stabilised moor oak, which comes from the Teufelsmoor, north of Bremen. The wood is around 4000 years old. The handle is finished with nickel silver towards the blade.


Total length: 310mm
Blade length: 155mm
Weight: 140g
Blade thickness: 2mm
Blade steel: Wurmbunt Damascus (Turkish Damascus) with cutting layer
Number of layers: 80 + 80 + 120 + 120 + 3
Cutting edge layer: 1.2842 carbon steel - approx. 61 HRC
Blade end: Nickel silver
Handle material: Stabilised moor oak
Manufacturer: MOORSCHMIED

Scope of delivery: Knife "WURMBUNT BUNKA" as shown, high-quality packaging, care oil, certificate.